“LOVE this class. Alex is an amazing instructor and exactly what I was looking for when I started doing yoga. It has the feel good and workout aspects of yoga. Every class begins with an intention and a positive message meant to be carried out not only through the class but throughout the rest of your day and week. She encourages everyone to do what serves them so you never feel bad if you can’t do a pose properly or need to do something less strenuous. I highly recommend her class! My only complaint is I wish she would teach more classes!”

“Alexandra teaches the best hot vinyasa classes!”


“Amazing class”

“Excellent class. The instructor was knowledgable and attentive and helped correct people’s form when necessary, a must for a good class experience. Loved the pace and moves covered and the flows were all very zen and controlled. Loved the class! Highly recommend.”

“Amazing ! Obsessed !!!!!”

“Great workout and nice flow for all levels”

“Alexandra packed a lot into an hour, and it was definitely a good workout.”

“Great class, great instructor!”

“EXCELLENT Instructor”

“Juicy, yummy, zen”

“The class was an incredible stretch and gentle workout that was rejuvenating and relaxing. Very restorative as I ease myself back into my fitness journey.”

“Great class a playlist!”

“Zen!!!!! Sooooooo ZEN!!!!!”

“Alex is wonderful. Love that she honors the Indian origins of practice”

“Great start to the day!”

“Great workout and great unwind at the end of the day. Unique flow sequences and Alexandra was a great teacher.”

“This was really so amazing!”

“Great way to start the morning. Alex is a terrific instructor – very calm and centered. Appropriately challenging and a great sweat.”