About Alex

About Me

I am a Yoga Alliance RYT 200 teacher, specializing in Vinyasa Yoga. With a positive outlook, energetic spirit, and accommodating demeanor, I offer challenges as well as modifications to make classes accessible for all skill levels. I whole-heartedly believe in the transformative power of yoga and aim to leave students feeling both calm and accomplished.

Types of Yoga I teach

  • Vinyasa
  • Beginner Yoga

Yoga certifications

  • E-RYT 200

Cities I service

  • New York

My Story

If you saw me on the subway, I might look like anyone else. You would see my sandy blonde strands, a chai tea late in hand, and my favorite accessory: my yoga mat. Thousands of girls who look like me stroll through New York City everyday; eating, exercising, and enjoying life.

Let me tell you how I’m different.

There once was a girl who was innately shy; but there was never an experience she wouldn’t try.

From going after different jobs, to finding herself a New York City home; she proved that there was nothing she couldn’t tackle alone. 

She would scout out every unique restaurant or bar, and eat her way through the city without the help of a car.

She had an interest in food and life in the city, but she was missing a passion that truly made her feel giddy.

She started doing yoga and took classes everyday. Yoga soon formed a place in her heart with boozy brunch buffets. 

She traveled across the world on a yoga retreat, which caused all kinds benefits to fall at her feet.

She got her teaching certification so she could teach others asana, and found a career where she could contain her prana.

She wrote for yoga magazines and read every meditation book on the shelf; and then she decided to take one more giant risk: and venture out in a blog by herself.

Why not create a blog that meshed her love of food, yoga, and life in Manhattan? All she needed was to start writing to make her dreams to happen.


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